Tuesday, December 30, 2008

My first cake "job"

A friend of mine has twin boys that have some pretty serious allergies (one can't have egg whites the other gluten, among many other things).  She called me the night before their birthday party wondering if I could decorate a cake for them.  She said she always felt awful that she had to make a separate cake for them and that they couldn't eat the "pretty" cake she ordered for everyone else.  She said "Just once I want them to have the pretty cake!"  She wondered if she brought over a pre-baked diet-specific cake if I would decorate it for them.  How could I not? 

So, here is the result.  I used a basic white frosting and purchased pre-colored fondant for the circles and ropes.  The boys were so excited when they saw their cake!  They couldn't stay away and kept asking if they could have more.  Poor things, I'm sure it tasted awful, but they were happy with the decorating job!  

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Ingrid said...

Your cake "job" came out awesome! I can see why they loved it! Another thing on my must try list is using fondant to decorate a cake.

I have a set of twin boys. They turn 13 at the end of July. One twin had terrible food allergies!!! No rice,soy, milk proteins or lactose. Luckily he outgrew them! I hope your friends twins do as well!